Lone Pine Bike Park

When a group of middle and high school neighborhood friends couldn’t easily access mountain bike trail, they decided to take things in their own hands by cutting trails in an unutilized greenspace of a city park near their neighborhoods. After some time, their neighborhood adventure turned into a bigger project than expected. Ozark Greenways and the Parks got involved, as did Hatch.

Project Details

We loved the idea of supporting kids who saw a need in their community and took the initiative to make it happen.

The group of kids that started Lone Pine Bike Park went through a design process, considering everything from where jumps should be placed, switchbacks, and the best spot for a bike hub. Professional trail builders were engaged to work through the plans and see what of the kids' dreams could become reality. Hatch's donation will cover the construction of up to three miles of new trail, refinement of current trail, significant ecological restoration, and the addition of native plants. The impact that these trails will have on these kids, knowing that their city stood beside them and supported the positive impact they were working to make, is exactly what we strive to find in the projects we gift to.

Image of a group of kids at the Lone Pine Bike Park.
Picture of dogs in front of the sign at the Lone Pine Bike Park.
Image of the Lone Pine Bike Park trail map.
Image of a group of 20-30 people at the groundbreaking for the Lone Pine Bike Park.

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