Clean Green Springfield

In the spring and fall of 2021, the City of Springfield organized a multi-week long volunteer effort to help beautify the community through a few different facets, and plans are beginning for 2022! During these weeks, over 1,300 neighbors came together to volunteer a total of 2,400 service hours. Trash was recycled and concrete-filled medians were removed. In their place, 700 beautiful and native trees, bushes, flowers, and grasses were planted. As a result of the planting, our city should be made greener and healthier, due to less runoff.


Spring / Fall 2021

Image of two people wearing masks and holding plants to be planted around the community.
Image of trash bags in the back of a truck.
Image of flowers and plants to be planted around the community.
Image of a man collecting trash in the woods.
Image of trash in a bag on the side of a paved walkway.
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