Celebrate Springfield

When Hatch’s Executive Director had the opportunity to “visit” her hometown, she was surprised by how many things she wasn’t taking advantage of in Springfield. After the unique experience, she found herself wondering why she wasn’t experiencing Springfield to the fullest, and who else in the community isn’t either – and why aren’t they? That’s when she pulled together a group to help identify these barriers - which were identified as lack of knowledge and know how, monetary limitations, and transportation – and they started planning a yearly initiative that would help remove those barriers.

Project Details

Celebrate Springfield helps the community learn to love where they live

Each September, volunteers and partners help connect Springfieldians to the best their city has to offer. A new theme is picked each year (Outdoors in 2022, Arts and Culture in 2023, Attractions in 2024) and is highlighted through social media, their website, and even radio and TV interviews. The Celebrate Springfield website has a page, “Things To Do,” that offers a filter feature where one can search for activities that match their criteria, such as age groups, skill levels, the amount of time an activity may take and more. Each activity has a page with other essential information such as where to park and what to bring with you for the activity. Celebrate Springfield also partners with local businesses to offer special entry pricing to local spots such as the Dickerson Park Zoo, and for weekend events such as Cider Days. The group wraps up their annual initiative with a large community-wide, free, family friendly event that brings the organizations that represent the years’ theme in one place so the community can both experience their offerings and learn how they can get involved. At the celebration, there is live music, food trucks, and multiple hands-on activities for kids and adults alike.

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